Lucky Boots

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Layout Design

Lucky Boots is a brand of children’s books created to encourage diversity, positivity, and a love of reading and life learning for young readers. The first book published under the brand is 'Moving Day’, book 1 of The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids book series. A series following the lives of 3 young siblings and the quirky adventures they encounter growing up.

All aspects of the project, including the identity colors were carefully crafted to reach the target demographic of children and their parents/guardians, aunts, uncles, teachers, mentors, etc. To properly reflect the Lucky Boots brand required a look that celebrated childhood innocence, growth, excitement, adventure and warmth. The youthful boots facing towards the right symbolizes the agenda of helping little ones move forward in their life's journey; the star represents the "special" vibe, very much like the gold star a child earns from a teacher as a reward for a job well done.