Exciting Release: New Children's Book Series!

All original artwork and design by  Dionna L. Hayden

All original artwork and design by Dionna L. Hayden

Today, Pink Elephant is pleased to announce the release of a brand new quirky, fun and enlightening children's book series 'The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids' authored and illustrated by yours truly, Dionna L. Hayden

This book series follows the lives of three young siblings as they experience different adventures, overcome challenges, mature and grow. I invite you to join them on their journey as they learn about the facts of life and the world around them from their unique perspective with excitement, warmth and good cheer! 'The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids' series is designed to spark a love of life learning for young readers while building stronger families through the vehicle of quality mentorship.

Check out www.cfrkids.com and sign up to be notified of the official site launch and other exciting updates such as book releases, events, activities and more. All your support for this series to grow and prosper is well appreciated and I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart!